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Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom Sawdust Spawn

Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom Sawdust Spawn

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Golden Oyster (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) is a tropical strain that thrives in warmer temperatures and tends to fruit in summer months. It produces beautiful clusters of bright yellow caps that are a favorite at farmers' markets. When cooked, they have a mild nutty flavor and aroma that pairs well with most dishes. Oyster mushrooms are great for beginners because they colonize quickly and are reliable producers. They are also ideal for commercial cultivation, especially when grown on straw.


Golden oyster sawdust spawn can be used for log projects and/or outdoor beds and containers.

To grow on logs, you need an Inoculation Tool. For larger projects you may want to purchase an Angle Grinder Adapter and specialized 12mm drill bit.

Sawdust spawn is ideal for larger mushroom log projects, or by those wanting to inoculate logs every year. It is best for inoculating 10 or more logs.


If you don’t plan to use your golden oyster sawdust spawn right away, store in the refrigerator. Use within 6 months of receipt.


LOGS: Golden oyster mushrooms prefer to fruit in the summer months. They also prefer softer hardwoods such as poplar and aspen.

OUTDOOR BEDS: Click here to download our pamphlet on outdoor bed cultivation using sawdust spawn.


Golden oyster mushrooms develop a cashew-like flavor when cooked to a slightly crispy texture.They can easily replace button mushrooms in most recipes and pair well with many cuisines and flavors. Like all oyster mushrooms, they retain water and may develop a viscous texture when undercooked. If you prefer a firm or dryer texture, continue to cook them until their liquid has reduced and cooked off and they begin to brown.

All things Mushroom (substrate, grow kits, spawn, etc.) are shipped separately from seeds. The flat shipping rate per order for Mushroom goods is $10.00.

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