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Organic Blue Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn

Organic Blue Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn

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Our USDA-certified organic blue oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) grain spawn features a strain that is a fast substrate colonizer. It produces mushrooms with a strong bluish-gray hue, rich umami flavor, and soft meaty texture. Blue oysters are great for beginners, and as our most productive oyster strain, they are reliable indoor year-round producers. If kept in the right conditions, they will yield substantial first, second, and even third harvests (making them one of the best commercial varieties!)

Blue oyster grain spawn can be for indoor cultivation year round. When used for outdoor cultivation, blue oysters are generally cold tolerant and fruit prolifically in early spring or late fall.

Recommended use:

  • Blue oyster grain spawn can be used for indoor production using sawdust or straw or outdoor production using straw or wood chips.
  • Do not use grain spawn for log inoculation.
  • This is not a mushroom grow kit. Blue oyster grain spawn must be combined with a substrate in order to fruit.

Upon receiving your spawn:

Remove it from the shipping box as soon as possible. Then, unfold the top of the bag, making room for air space. It's also important to check and confirm that the filter patch is not obstructed. This will help the organism breathe and continue to thrive!

Scroll down for specifications, growing, and storage guides.

All things Mushroom (substrate, grow kits, spawn, etc.) are shipped separately from seeds. The flat shipping rate per order for Mushroom goods is $10.00.

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