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Fully Assembled Tillandsia Air Plant Dish Garden in Black Glazed Container

Fully Assembled Tillandsia Air Plant Dish Garden in Black Glazed Container

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Our miniature dish gardens arrive as a ready-made air plant display with 3 air plants. Great gift idea or friend in the office. We assemble our dish gardens in high quality, kiln-fired, terracotta containers with a rich black glaze. This container features an unglazed bottom to assist with the air flow that air plants require. Each dish garden comes with an assortment of 3 tillandsias, selected to accentuate their varying heights and textures. The plants will be anchored into the containers with plant-safe glue and preserved reindeer moss. The air plants add 3-8 inches to the below container height. 

The air plants in this display are preassembled and anchored to the ceramic dish with plant-safe glue. While we normally recommend a weekly soak, the plants in this display should not be removed from the dish nor should the display be submerged in water. To keep the plants hydrated, wet the leaves by misting or rinsing them 2-3 times a week or as needed with a spray bottle or by holding them sideways under a running water faucet. Be careful not to fully saturate the base of the dish. The decorative reindeer moss is non-living and should not be watered. Gently shake excess water from the plants and display the dish garden in a bright location with adequate air circulation.

Container Diameter
3 Inches
Container Depth
1.5 Inches
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